HYPNOSE (Raucherentwöhnung)   –   Alexandra (Deutschland)   –   Oktober 2017

Ich habe bei David eine Raucherentwöhnung mittels Hypnose gemacht. Das Vorgespräch und die Hypnose selber habe ca. drei Stunden gedauert. Ich habe mich in jeder Sekunde sicher und professionell aufgehoben gefühlt. Ich habe seither kein einziges Mal das Verlangen gehabt eine Zigarette in die Hand zu nehmen und bin sehr glücklich über und dankbar für die Sitzung!


HypnoYoga   –   Andrea (Deutschland)   –   Oktober 2017

Ich war 1* zu einer Art Probestunde gewesen – Yoga unter Hypnose und es war wirklich ganz toll, es war vorallem unglaublich entspannend – diese Entspannung habe ich auch noch einige Tage mitgenommen. Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal.


HYPNOSIS (smoking cessation hypnosis)   –   Emrah (Turkey)   –   April 2017

David hypnotized me last April in Himalayas and I quit smoking after 25 yrs. highly recommend if you willing to do the work.
Thank you again ?


HYPNOSIS (Relax & Release)   –   C. (Deutschland)   –   October 2017

Mein Wunsch war, Entspannung zu finden. Das hat wunderbar funktioniert, in wertschätzendem Gespräch in gemütlicher Atmosphäre mit viel Zeit für individuelle Nachfragen und um Vertrauen aufzubauen.

Als ich ankam, war ich ziemlich gehetzt von dem Weg durch die Stadt und der ganzen Arbeitswoche. Nach der Hypnose hab ich mich gefühlt wie ein kleines Kind, leicht, frei, unbekümmert und froh.
Ich nehme sehr schöne, hilfreiche Bilder mit und die Fähigkeit, mich durch die Erinnerung an das schnell einsetzende Gefühl der Enspannung, nun viel schneller in einen entschleunigten Zustand zu versetzen.

Ich würde jedem Mensch, der*die sich dafür interessiert, empfehlen, sich zu trauen, das Angebot tatsächlich zu nutzen und sich von den positiven Wirkungen überraschen zu lassen.

Vielen herzlichen Dank für die sanfte und wirkungsvolle Behandlung!
Bis zum nächsten Mal,


HYPNOSIS (Past Life Journey)   –   Shakti Ma (Russia)   –   Juli 2017

I want to thank David for an excellent hypnosis session. I work with people in the field of psychology and for me it is very important to find a good specialist who can also help me. Before diving into hypnosis, David helped me to make a proper and correct request and during the entire session I felt his responsive and sensitive present leading me to the goal. The very next day I was able to evaluate the results after a hypnosis session. I am very pleased with his work and I am grateful that I met such a competent specialist on my way. I’m sure David can help many people. Do not miss your chance to make your life more holistic. Feel free to contact David for a help or just for an incredible journey to discover yourself.


HYPNOSIS (Relax & Release)   –   Peter (U.S.A. – California)   –   Feb. 2017

“David hypnotized me here in India. It was the most relaxed I’ve felt even after a month of meditation in an ashram. Through hypnosis he helped me uncover a treasured memory of my grandma cooking fresh potstickers for me as a child, a positive feeling and image I’ll be able to return to for the rest of my life.”


HYPNOSIS (Relax & Release)   –   Molly (U.S.A. – Minnesota)   –   Feb. 2017

“Highlights of my hypnosis: imagining my happy, positive feeling at the beginning of the session was very powerful for me. As I imagined the yellow-red cloud cycling in and out of my body, I felt my happiness and power and elation increase. I started to laugh and almost cried from joy. I was able to feel my arms getting lighter/heavier as well upon instruction, until I eventually felt like my whole body was tilting to one side. I also felt a distinct increase of shakti in my palms as I imagined my negative emotions draining into my hands. When I poured them out from my palms, my body and mind felt lighter and I had a sense of relief. There were certain instructions (given at the end of the session)that resonated with me particularly, and when I heard them, my body flooded with energy and light. I’m excited and curious to see how this will impact my life going forward, and how these changes will begin to show up! ? thanks again!”


HYPNOSIS (Past Life Journey)   –   Monique (France)   –   Feb. 2017

My name is Monique, I am 59 years old. I had a hypnosis session with David a few weeks ago.

David with his soft voice and precise instructions led me to a state of very profound relaxation. I could hear him, listen to his instructions but I was in a total different state than usual when I consciously act and move.

The strongest experience came when he asked me to go back into my past 5 years before, then 10 years before, what was I doing then, what were my feelings at that moment ? then back when I was 30, then 10, then 5, the moment I was born, when I was in the womb of my mother, at my conception, before my conception, far before. He asked me then, ” what do you see, where are you?” The vision was very clear. I could describe it precisely.
It was me talking but at the same time not me. I still do not know where the words I spoke then were coming from but I talked with a great firmness. I could see myself young with a long dress covering my ankles standing in front of a hut made of stones, holding a basket in a very green landscape, England or Ireland. David asked me “what is your name and how old are you” , again I firmly answered his questions, Maria was my name and I was 26. Then David asked me to go inside the hut and describe.
The next picture was as clear as the first one. I was sitting on a chair rocking a cradle with a baby boy sleeping in it. David asked me his name, I heard me saying Arian, he is 4 moths old. Then a little girl appeared on the threshold of the hut, my 4 year old daughter named Sunia. I could feel I was a happy mother and a happy wife.

David asked me then if I had another vision.
The next was dark. I could see fire everywhere and violence, soldiers on horses attacking my village. I saw me grabbing my children and running with them. I could escape the murderers, hid for a while and came back later on to my ruined village, David asked me about my husband, I could not see him but I knew he was alive and that I will see him again.

The next instruction given by David was to be at the end of my life as Maria.
I could see me-her lying on her bed, old and weak but still beautiful and peaceful. Her children were around. She was saying goodbye, asking them not to be sad, she will be there all the time, everywhere, in the grass, in the sky, everywhere. David asked me if Maria could help me before leaving, teach me something. I could feel she was such a strong and pure soul, she was giving me her beautiful inner strength and telling me that I was strong enough to overcome my sorrows. Then I had to come back to my body, this present life as Monique, in space and time.
It was not difficult to come back.

All along the session David was with me, guiding and helping with very soft words and voice. I felt perfectly secured and safe. Several times he called me by my name, that made me feel very close to him, as if he was traveling with me, or we were traveling together.

We had a very interesting talk afterwards, trying to understand what happens in a hypnosis session.
David is a sincere researcher, a clever man who has knowledge.

I was very surprised by the clarity of my visions and the vivid memories I still have of them even a few weeks later.
I usually complain about the loss of memory I can notice becoming older, especially not remembering names but here I could draw each and every details of my visions, I can perfectly remember the names of the characters without any effort.

Memory is such a strange thing.
I will never forget the words I heard from Maria and the strong feelings I had.
She will help me, she is in my heart.

I warmly recommend a hypnosis session with David.


HYPNOSIS (Relax & Release)   –  Chris (Belgium)   –   Feb. 2017

“It was an amazing experience, didn’t know what to expect….
I felt like my body was not there anymore, i didn’t feel my arms or legs,… total relaxing. My mind was quite and I followed his lovely voice. I heard every word he said even though I had the feeling I wasn’t totally there….
I had a lot of tension in my neck before and afterwards the muscles felt relaxed, so this was a nice side-effect. Thankfull for the experience! ? I felt inside peacefullness afterwards.”